E-learning Concepts is a committed educational provider and project partner with a wide ranging experience, good policy insight and passion for grass-root work. 

E-learning Concepts Slovenia is proud to become the heir to the impressive legacy E-learning Concepts Austria has built over the past 25 years.


With some of the ideas in the pipeline already, E-learning Concepts will develop EU projects and contents in line with our expertise:
adult education, VET and youth
• language training and testing, 
  intercultural competencies
• employability skills, communication       skills
• digital literacy and digital proficiency
• content and e-learning storyboard development, copy-writing and editing.


Welcome to AUDiM introductory online event, which was part of this year's 
All digital weeks!
Our project manager Julita Pigulevičienė, SPI, gave the presentation during our third project meeting organised by Pro-Work in Burgh-Haamstede, The Netherlands.
Watch it on:

We are excited to be a partner in Erasmus+ KA220 project AUDiM - Adults Upskilling in Digital Marketing led by Socialinių projektų institutas, Lithuania.

In the project, we are developing microlearning courses and showcasing good practice examples from four countries; Lithuania, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovenia

We kicked-off our project online in March 2022.  In October the project meeting was hosted by E-learning Concepts in Slovenia.

The Newsletter 1 has just been published. Check it out!


Collaboration between Petra and Spela started in 2011 when the two worked together on the Grundtvig expert panel for EACEA. Spela has contributed to three E-learning Concepts' projects: 
  • Aldo, which developed e-learning tools for adults with special needs 
  • e-Cal, which focused on development of self-study language learning tools 
  • DYS2GO which developed mobile games for development of skills in dyslexic youngsters. 


"Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either." 
Marshall McLuhan